A different type of silence

To speak of love beside the eyes of my mother A watchful hawk With no subject to a failed marriage; Gladens her soul To maternal air and advice for love. Bless me o gods To remove this heart of steel Ever stiffened by blows on my mother’s skin And a dead drunk man who was […]

Top Hard Skills to Include in Your CV

Hard skills with animated hands and a blue background

Skills are the new professional currency of the 21st century. Presently, recruiters are looking for actual and quantifiable hard skills. But what are hard skills anyway? Hard skills are a specific set of competencies required to execute the responsibilities of a specific job. Hard skills are what you need to perform the job. Curious about […]

Data Protection and Why You Should Be Concerned

  Ss081300000     “We have now seen a number of instances where clinical labs involved in testing, or major hospitals, have suffered ransomware attacks, where all their IT systems have been knocked down.” These are the words of Andre Pienaar, the founder of a venture capital firm named C5, in response to a cyber-attack […]

Living With this August visitor

  Invisible is her presence to this naked eye yet heavy stands her essence. Funny enough, she’s just like any other visitor, her arrival for some days sparks no changes. For two weeks, she inflates her balloon in a body with signs of fever, cough, cold and difficulty in breathing to mention a few. As […]

Message from FabReads


It’s nice to acknowledge the fact that we actually have a message for you right? Oh yes, it is. There are several plans FabReads have for the new session. One of which is the Digests with different departments – FabReads Digests are key phrases of a particular course. The phrases are intended to create a […]

Happy Resumption! (2020 Harmattan Semester)

FabReads welcomes all students (Freshers and Stallites) to OAU campus. Indeed it has been a long break and we hope you enjoyed it. At FabReads, we have developed a few plans for you that you will like. Firstly, of course there are the PDF Materials whic are available for Free! Secondly, there will be the […]

How to find a material/note on FabReads

Just like every ball game, there is a “how to use” guide and even just like every electronic device, there is a manual. Some way, Somehow, you as a reader/user may have gone through FabReads without getting to find what you are specifically searching for. With the use of screenshots while explaining, I shall be […]

2019, Did you buy Benz?

The year 2019 started with impression and possibility of several persons hoping to buy “Benz” We do hope you bought your “Benz”! So, as the year comes to a close, we are glad to inform and share with you that it has been an incredible year of profits and profitable relationships and even otherwise. We […]