FabReads welcomes all students (Freshers and Stallites) to OAU campus. Indeed it has been a long break and we hope you enjoyed it.

At FabReads, we have developed a few plans for you that you will like. Firstly, of course there are the PDF Materials whic are available for Free! Secondly, there will be the “FabReads Digests”. This will be made of of different departments. For example, FabReads Digest with Law, FabReads Digest with English, FabReads Digest with Chemistry etc.┬áThese and many more shall we bring to your Fingertips.

Follow this link to learn how to easily find a note/material on FabReads. To stay updated, join our WhatsApp TV by clicking here.

We wish you a hitch-free and a successful semester ahead.

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