Just like every ball game, there is a “how to use” guide and even just like every electronic device, there is a manual. Some way, Somehow, you as a reader/user may have gone through FabReads without getting to find what you are specifically searching for.

With the use of screenshots while explaining, I shall be putting you through how you can find what you are looking for easily on FabReads.


You type FabReads.org on your web browser. This will take you directly to the FabReads website.


If you are in search of the courses which a particular department offers, you scroll down to where you see “Courses Collections”. There you will see a column of collections then will you see a button to “View all Collections”. On clicking the button, it will take you to the “Courses Collections” page where you will find courses grouped into different departments be it English Language Courses, or Science Courses or even Law Courses.


FabReads also considers users who might be in a rush to finding a particular material or note. In this case, a search bar is provided at the sticky header (if you are using a desktop or a computer) and also another search bar which is provided immediately below the “View all Collections” button. This search bar is visible to all users (Desktop users,  Smartphones users, etc.)


If you couldn’t find the material or note you are looking for, well… not to worry, we got you! Do well to send us a mail via [email protected].

Thank you for reading! I hope this piece was helpful? Do well to leave a comment below.

Samson Faboyo Farbie.

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