Invisible is her presence to this naked eye yet heavy stands her essence. Funny enough, she’s just like any other visitor, her arrival for some days sparks no changes. For two weeks, she inflates her balloon in a body with signs of fever, cough, cold and difficulty in breathing to mention a few. As this visitor lives, the fear for her inception also thrives, parasites in the minds of many.

Trusting these process I’m about to list, this too shall pass. Firstly, at least for twenty seconds, brandish your arms in the fire of soap and running water, vigorously washing them. Next, let sanitizers be your close ally now. Never hesitate to douse your hands in its contents especially alcohol-based ones from time to time. Also, maintain a specific distance with people around you, especially when you’re out. Sneezing is quite the exercise these days too. Use a tissue when in the process. What if it’s not available at that moment? There’s a solution my friend, let your elbow be the destination for that sneeze, you’re safe. 

Create a war between your hands and face. Don’t fret, it’s important, this visitor spread its root on their bond. Hugs and handshakes are quite the luxury now too, call them abominable acts. Blame me not, blame this visitor. Hard surfaces should be far from your touch too. Trust me, they aren’t the best choices to touch at this moment. Do you know someone who has welcomed this visitor? Greet them from a distance. In fact, never set your steps in any way near them. 

Perhaps you feel this visitor crawling into your abode, cry out, just make sure you call for help. In all, make your homes a fort, bask in their comfort… I mean don’t go out unless solid reasons arise.

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