Skills are the new professional currency of the 21st century. Presently, recruiters are looking for actual and quantifiable hard skills.

But what are hard skills anyway?

Hard skills are a specific set of competencies required to execute the responsibilities of a specific job. Hard skills are what you need to perform the job.

Curious about what hard skills to include in your CV? Here are few examples to help you.

Technical Skills

Typical technical skills are the ability to use specialized software or equipment.


Computer Skills

These are your abilities to use software and hardware: from basic and general, to highly specialized. These skills are a must for every applicant.


Programming skills fall under this category:

Analytical Skills

These include the skills of gathering data, deciphering it, and presenting it. If you’ve any of the skills, it will go a long way in impressing your recruiters. 


Marketing Skills

These are the general knowledge of sales, advertising, and consumer research required for online marketing success.


Presentation Skills

While you need soft skills for an excellent presentation, you also need at least one of the following skills:

Management Skills

Project Management Skills

These include general managerial expertise as well as proficiency in certain frameworks and software. 


Writing skills

The possession of these skills will give your career a boost, especially if it requires some writing level. 


Design skills:

If you’re a skilled designer, any employer will fight to hire you. Design skills are valuable. 


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