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Get to read updated lecture notes as and at when due! Do note that we DO NOT encourage laziness as it is very important lectures are attended and ones’ attendance is taken.

FabReads Forum

Join Undergraduates in engaging in online intellectual discussions that will aid and enhance your learning experience.

The FabReads Digest

Bringing to you Knowledge at your Fingertips with key points in pictorial definitions. These digests are provided in pictorial definitions to ease reading and understanding.

The Wordsmith Space (FabReads Blog)

The Internet is a wide space for everyone. People want to read your amazing works! That is why we’ve provided this space (FabReads Blog) to serve as a home for writers, journalists and even experts.


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With the sole purpose of learning, you can now read and download lecture materials online! It doesn't end there, bringing to you knowledge at your fingertips, you get to have online academic discussions with your peers!

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