Fantasies and hope

Scare you away would not make me to I am dying to, I want to reach out to your lips […]

Heaven’s gate

Bonnie Bonnie there you have it tall fair handsome traces of doom aren’t you just lucky It’s just as predicted […]

Whispers in your ear

what do you hope to achieve without yourself what you hope what you want maybe isn’t that bright weave the […]


How do you want to be baptized say on speak up open up let me lick between so when I […]

The waiting eyes

has your eyes ever ached have you been down and you don’t know why do you have a birthmark on […]

A new one

Tight. Even in the gentle breeze How can I not love myself Tight. Even with my lover’s hold Her nails […]

A horse rider

Darling, it’s not too late to leave me, Staying in love is real, Besides loving you, what else am I […]

Child’s play

One time I laughed at the way a fish flops Another time , I want badly to be that fish […]

No content

For myself

Does bad Blair want to come out to play Can we steal the cookies in the tray I hope this […]