Fantasies and hope

Scare you away would not make me to I am dying to, I want to reach out to your lips and swirl in them make them open by your willingness and permission your thin lips, always marked with seriousness and the best set of teeth I want to taste and slide through   Couldn’t the […]

Heaven’s gate

Bonnie Bonnie there you have it tall fair handsome traces of doom aren’t you just lucky It’s just as predicted how did you sneak in found you in his heart how did he you gave it all did you have a plan was that van okay did you creek it awake dead in the night? […]

Whispers in your ear

what do you hope to achieve without yourself what you hope what you want maybe isn’t that bright weave the tread of time make simple things make you smile what you hope what you want maybe still has no value but it isn’t dark anymore there’s a ray of light not at the end of […]


How do you want to be baptized say on speak up open up let me lick between so when I say it’s time, my generation will hit your face and belly warm to you like I am then we both taste them together, my many many children. How do you want to be baptized you […]

The waiting eyes

has your eyes ever ached have you been down and you don’t know why do you have a birthmark on your neck I heard it’s you you did it or was done to why were you stabbed why did the scar follow you to a new life if your eyes ever ached and you’re tired […]

The man I love, my husband

It is like unto the Lord. we gather and wait for a new chance to meet again. pray the recycle matches us together but miles apart so when we meet again and again it’ll be something new your touch will make my body shudder and I’ll remember the feel of those hands from before from […]

A new one

Tight. Even in the gentle breeze How can I not love myself Tight. Even with my lover’s hold Her nails piercing deep but hot Tight Like the fragrance of shampoo On my dark curly hair. Who are black men that you cannot love A nobody that makes you drop your jaws. Natural built and body […]

A horse rider

Darling, it’s not too late to leave me, Staying in love is real, Besides loving you, what else am I a failure at? I just want to know Is it too much to ask I want to I need to I try My head just doesn’t seem to remember what it feels like I call […]

Child’s play

One time I laughed at the way a fish flops Another time , I want badly to be that fish Now I just eat it to cure hunger. What changed olufunke? Why don’t you respond to my touch anymore Am I losing it Do I need to step up Or do you know a new […]

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For myself

Does bad Blair want to come out to play Can we steal the cookies in the tray I hope this rhymes I want it to Like BLAIR and LAIR And those words I’ll find out when I learn Because even a kid isn’t so smart anymore. Let’s steal the cookies and blame the cat There’s […]