It is like unto the Lord.
we gather and wait
for a new chance to meet again.
pray the recycle matches us together but miles apart
so when we meet again and again
it’ll be something new
your touch will make my body shudder
and I’ll remember the feel of those hands
from before
from then
when we swam in the memory lane of beddings
and your mother emptied a bucket on my head.

when your father left off with his concubine
and now then was homeless to shame.

we swam the memory lane
remember this when you touch me,
and my hickey will remind you of me.
let the recycle match us again,
we’ll be men who grew up with love
and judgement.
Remember we ran off and got married
remember we were daddies to our kids

let the recycle bring us together, under the rainbow cove
where we loved and wept
and screamed from every touch.
I am just a man
you are another
let’s flex our muscles and make love over again,
till our gray hair falls off.

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