Bonnie Bonnie

there you have it

tall fair handsome

traces of doom

aren’t you just lucky

It’s just as predicted

how did you sneak in

found you in his heart

how did he

you gave it all

did you have a plan

was that van okay

did you creek it awake dead in the night?

Bonnie, lucky you

It’s fucking UFO

there’s nothing better

with those sneakers

the shirts and sweatpants,

you’re indeed the brains.

a little touch of creative were those bunks

you really did lead the way

Come back for Po

he’s devastated

come after the moon

come through the wormhole

come in the space

we’ve abandoned our lives work and vassels

mother’s day helped us have closure

the rest, they were the days we waited

to be taken away into enteral bliss

Bonnie, were you just cruel

did you have a choice

you left everything

you left him

why did you take so long

why did you ask for so much

you didn’t protect the face

you needed that eyepatch

you took millions with you

open up, let them in!

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