One time I laughed at the way a fish flops
Another time , I want badly to be that fish
Now I just eat it to cure hunger.

What changed olufunke?
Why don’t you respond to my touch anymore
Am I losing it
Do I need to step up
Or do you know a new standard to how I can make your body shiver while you scream out my name.

I liked being a bird
I just couldn’t fly
And then I got jealous
I killed the birds for fun
Before they took their wings on flight.
The jokes really on me, I so badly want to fly away
And never come back
If it means father would stop licking between my legs
While holding me to stay still
And kissing my tears after.
I am not a good girl
I wish I died in place of the birds, so selfish creatures

I don’t want to be a bug
Or a parasite
Or my emotions.
I don’t want to stay hidden.

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