Bush meat

Puberty will hit you hard and strike you across the belly. It will shred good things from you But, you […]


His idea of dancing involved standing still while he held my hands and watched me twirl. It was meant for […]


For you, I can be dustbin How my second wife looked at me I can’t ever erase Like dustbin with […]

Losing wait

Bed sheets affairs It better not be My heart burns lava And misery abound I thought I had it under […]

If it isn’t well said

If it isn’t well said Let us call unto the Calvary Where the saints march And the dust covers their […]


Green   In the hours of man In the light of time Even a millisecond Stories change . Tell me […]

Our Pride

Captured once upon a time Arrested, caged and tortured without a crime Our lives meant nothing, we were monitored Slaves […]