Bush meat

Puberty will hit you hard and strike you across the belly. It will shred good things from you But, you cannot but grow A ripe grape fruit men will seek after. And your chest will grow round and soft Your bottom will stop great men to stare. Where are all the promises father where are […]


His idea of dancing involved standing still while he held my hands and watched me twirl. It was meant for me to crack for I was always cracked up. My pieces spread on the racks. For some people can’t see softness without  wanting to hurt it. One thing becomes clear you have to stop caring […]


For you, I can be dustbin How my second wife looked at me I can’t ever erase Like dustbin with happy flies lazy around Stinking and smelling With banana peels smears around the edges Begging to be set free from bondage. I almost smelled myself To reaffirm I took my bath today It didn’t stop […]

Losing wait

Bed sheets affairs It better not be My heart burns lava And misery abound I thought I had it under control. The superb fantastic me I am the fellowship of a modern wife Trainers and nail polish Brush and bronze cheeks Contour and lip balm Sexy lingeries and good foreplay It better not be Least, […]

If it isn’t well said

If it isn’t well said Let us call unto the Calvary Where the saints march And the dust covers their boots and horses Should I say it was fruitless? Why my mother was killed like an antelope Because women have no right To look into your eye. She was more man than you all What […]


Green   In the hours of man In the light of time Even a millisecond Stories change . Tell me your dreams and let’s conquer goals… In the light of time When we see Our stories change if we still have tongues . The moth leaves the cocoon I squash a bug under my feet […]

Our Pride

Captured once upon a time Arrested, caged and tortured without a crime Our lives meant nothing, we were monitored Slaves servants we were used To great depths we were abused Like an orange sucked, thrown away Like a cashew sucked, thrown away We were used and thrown away We were worked and taken for granted […]