Bed sheets affairs

It better not be
My heart burns lava
And misery abound
I thought I had it under control.
The superb fantastic me
I am the fellowship of a modern wife

Trainers and nail polish
Brush and bronze cheeks
Contour and lip balm
Sexy lingeries and good foreplay
It better not be
Least, my heart faints
And I hear it’s pounding reduced to nothing
Whatever did I do wrong
Oko mi, olowori answer me
That I gave two lives and got fat
I can’t control my hair falling out ….
Taiye died in the pool and we both knew why
Don’t let me suffer alone
This abomination is timeless as man .

Still, I buckled down and jogged my way to fitness
Bothered with organics and body pampering
Why won’t you see me
Let alone dine with me and eat me raw
Let us create another life
I am not too wide
I am able

Did place your hands on my breasts
Begging you to toss me and touch me
Let a strand of my dignity remain
From over waiting and anticipating what is mine
That, I can hold on for .
But you broke the promise
With some many women
Punishing my soul with lust and despair
And it’s all swollen inside me
Ready to burst out .

Why won’t I seek help
Why won’t I lay low
I also like the sense of being undercovers with a man
Not just as comfort
But several pounding glories
And a smoothing release

If you caught me in bed with another man
It’s not justifiable
It was necessary
To feel wanted and release
Into an open smiling face ready to grind for more
So my dear, my heart burns lava
When you ask me to stop and choose between two desires
It’s almost funny you were never an option
my silent whispers and aggressive moans
Will bid me a good life
Waiting and worthy
Even to a broken piece.

Let those women toss you abreast
You pay them to do so

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