Captured once upon a time

Arrested, caged and tortured without a crime

Our lives meant nothing, we were monitored

Slaves servants we were used

To great depths we were abused

Like an orange sucked, thrown away

Like a cashew sucked, thrown away

We were used and thrown away

We were worked and taken for granted

Our name was dragged in the mud

Time came our senses opened

Enough of chains and shackles

We came back for our countries

We stand and get our boundaries

Refusing to be ruled by adversaries

Back in our homeland

No longer are we scared to say

How to think  or understand

But we speak to ourselves today

We train our children with our hands

They learn our tongue and not theirs

They survived on our meals not theirs

They believe in our father land

Though they call us ‘blacks’

We are proud of our acts

Not ashamed of who we are

Black, not to heart or brain

Treated us with disdain

We forgave all the pain

Bittered but not broken

Forever we are strong and awaken

We go for our voices

We are not hindered or restricted

Either by time or location

Everywhere we represent our nation

We are who we are indeed

No matter what they take us to be

We embrace love, justice and fairness

So we love and treat each man equally

We get the best training from our mothers

We get beaten, refined by our mothers

Still we refuse to be broken

We came out beautiful and strong

Got it the legacy from our fathers

They passed on generations without letter

We built lives upon lives as leaders

We are born great leaders

We choose to believe what we believe

We are not silent but radical

We choose to obey what we obey

We are not stupid but logical

We fix and mend broken walls

And walk our way in stormy rainfalls

We are good at what we do

We respect and obey our elders

Blessings drop on us like dew

We have kings over us

We believe in order

We are not brought down

Neither are we broken

We are who we are

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