In the hours of man
In the light of time
Even a millisecond
Stories change .
Tell me your dreams and let’s conquer goals…
In the light of time
When we see
Our stories change if we still have tongues .
The moth leaves the cocoon
I squash a bug under my feet
When it’s fluid smears and I smile in triumph
A cousin is lost
Souls go missing and limbs become dry
Only in death do we breath a sigh of relief
Because days are numbered but not our smile.

Our croacked laughter will soon be heard
Of course, when they start sharing jollof rice
‘make this thing Sha reach my table’ I think, trying to look uninterested.
That is for my grandfather

For a young soul
I hear nothing
His life fades like the breeze of mama put ceiling fan
Only I taste nothing
And there’s no long throat for jollof rice.

Gather up your loins
This year na pirated version.
The next, the tall old man go die .
The next after the next go be re-election.

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