If it isn’t well said

Let us call unto the Calvary
Where the saints march
And the dust covers their boots and horses
Should I say it was fruitless?
Why my mother was killed like an antelope
Because women have no right
To look into your eye.
She was more man than you all
What have we,
A pair of breasts and no tail?

And I am entirely right, to loose a child
In the 21st century isn’t a lie.
I have a brush to wave through memories
I see her head knocked upon a stone
For being so bold
To look in a man’s eye

Why should a woman own herself
She needs to be the sarcifice
The slave of destiny
To work side by side
And breath moans at night
To scrub and wash
And to rock an everlasting chair

I daresay again
She was more man than you all,
even your sons
I knew when I reached the wilderness and came back
She clasped her hands around me
And hot sweat trickled down her face

If my father stopped burying himself inside me,
He wouldn’t have to die
No one is so beautiful her father cannot resist
When the night came and he climbed on my back,
I pray for death
And sometimes, I waited for him to come
Because I was ready
And waiting to be launched into.

I didn’t go through a blade
I didn’t get knocked through the spine
My wilderness came to me
When a baby formed in my belly
A product of shame
And she knew and cried
Tearing down her skin and rocking herself.
I too held myself tight and I laughed
Because we made made a beast with our backs

My grandfather should have known
To tie her down, wasn’t an option
He became a beast himself
Giving soft punches from old veins on my father’s face
letting out a cry of war

like an old lion’s roar

“I am a man” he screamed

But it meant nothing to me
I knew how his wrinkled sack looked
I’ve helped him to his clothes several times.

My mother broke free
and the ropes fell loose
She screamed for war
Letting out an animal like cry.
She then rushed to the beast maker
The one who gave me sweats at night;
And Slashed  his neck into two.
Looking down she did and uttered some words I couldn’t hear.
By then, I was screaming my lungs out
And she gave me a wild slap
“I am a man “she said
The rest is for you to discover

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