Message from FabReads


It’s nice to acknowledge the fact that we actually have a message for you right? Oh yes, it is. There are several plans FabReads have for the new session. One of which is the Digests with different departments – FabReads Digests are key phrases of a particular course. The phrases are intended to create a […]

Happy Resumption! (2020 Harmattan Semester)

FabReads welcomes all students (Freshers and Stallites) to OAU campus. Indeed it has been a long break and we hope you enjoyed it. At FabReads, we have developed a few plans for you that you will like. Firstly, of course there are the PDF Materials whic are available for Free! Secondly, there will be the […]

How to find a material/note on FabReads

Just like every ball game, there is a “how to use” guide and even just like every electronic device, there is a manual. Some way, Somehow, you as a reader/user may have gone through FabReads without getting to find what you are specifically searching for. With the use of screenshots while explaining, I shall be […]

2019, Did you buy Benz?

The year 2019 started with impression and possibility of several persons hoping to buy “Benz” We do hope you bought your “Benz”! So, as the year comes to a close, we are glad to inform and share with you that it has been an incredible year of profits and profitable relationships and even otherwise. We […]