To say I did begin with nothing Just a touch of ink upon my grieving sheet Full of oil and before abandon Till it met with faith. The faint of a tiny dot, a little fly, a little warrior, a running man A speck The one who was built to have a family to speak […]


My death means that I have fallen And egungun has won. Such dorks and ignorant people. They think I’ll let my mark pass away Without fighting blood and tears Even if it meant aligning with an enemy . I know, my father told me, A day I came home late from one of my mischiefs […]

A Psalm of Body Hawkers

¹ Today, we move, again; past the promiscuous politician ² & the rich man’s house; past our Crush’s frontage, ³ & the man with a cruel eye for us, picking our steps, “koi-koi-koi.” ⁴ We offer ourselves as living sacrifices, (un)holy and acceptable. ⁵ As we move with gums, dying in our mouths, & skirts, […]


Green   In the hours of man In the light of time Even a millisecond Stories change . Tell me your dreams and let’s conquer goals… In the light of time When we see Our stories change if we still have tongues . The moth leaves the cocoon I squash a bug under my feet […]