My death means that I have fallen
And egungun has won.
Such dorks and ignorant people.
They think I’ll let my mark pass away
Without fighting blood and tears
Even if it meant aligning with an enemy .
I know, my father told me,
A day I came home late from one of my mischiefs
That day, I had snatched a turtle from the river
I wove back the hands of time
And snatched it out fast.
I saw its ugly rough neck
It was old and experienced
It almost got me
It almost nibbed on the beautiful hands
Mother didn’t flog so I could fetch a higher bride price
The man in me is strong and won’t give in
Maybe truly, I was in a wrong body.
What will be my fate if my hands were bad
A million whipping from her
And perhaps a few reduced bid here and there
Or higher since all the men want to have me.
Anyway, I did what I had to keep them safe
To keep them clean and trimmed
Whatever happened was a provocation
From a dully accepted fate
Of course, her lips were hard when I smacked hard
As I kicked, the dry leaves fell off
I had to, I just had to
Otherwise I won’t be champion and we all be long gone
Otherwise, I’ll be whipped and we all will be
Everlasting screams from the hands of our tormentors
I’m sure they’ll laugh wickedly and kick at us
I sure would never give them the pleasure
So when the war came and I had to scratch and bite
I had to decide between good and evil
I remembered and I know
My father told me and I know
“To unmask a masquerade is an abomination”

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