To say I did begin with nothing
Just a touch of ink upon my grieving sheet
Full of oil and before abandon
Till it met with faith.
The faint of a tiny dot, a little fly, a little warrior, a running man
A speck

The one who was built to have a family to speak to.
Grind your hands on my back and massage warmth on me
Let me try pursue my moans
Don’t let me beg to have you.
Yes, of a woman I am
Pregnant, heavily pregnant
But will never deliver because my little babies swim
On a plain white sheet
I am a speck

Remember to know me at the start of your word
At the start of your world
And when you want a massage, I could let you rubs, even a little lower
So when freedom escapes your mouth,
You’ll stare back looking pretty.
I am a speck, I am dignified.

At least now you know what I mean
When you end your words with a period on the sheet
A dot on a white sheet.
I hope you see what I see
A soldier in the middle of a large sea
Swimming to keep up and breath


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