Let us not be worried
Good things don’t come easy
Like a plump enlarged backside men loves
At least in my side
And what flat asses do,
They compensate with it not mattering in heaven.
Tell me you don’t like condensed milk
Do you have to wait five years to earn it?

So when pills are taken and knifes pierce the skin
I often wonder what offence the little asses had committed
To make the guys turn their backs on them
I often wonder
How people failed themselves
And parents their children
To know some things are to be left untouched
And some words unsaid.

Don’t be the reason a jolly is worried sick about her ass
Or a pretty about her plumps
Their world’s come crashing down
And insecurities ever close
If you don’t like it find another…
Rather than have plumps, asses and values depreciated

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