When a thousand light has been spun by the night dragon
And I can see your face
Creamy and calm
I think of your nails
Which dung into my back.
Aren’t your teeth sharp?
Because those love bites,
Only an animal could make.
Tell me to write an ode for you
Beautiful women can’t be described

Let our ashes the wind take
Let it blow into fortresses
On a sad dry night of thirst
Your between is a fountain.
Beautiful women can’t be described

The gigantic helmet crashed down
And the heavens spoke thunder
Our bed kept creaking movements.
And they sang words only angels above could attempt.
Let it sink in, you cried.
I know better not to
Beautiful women can’t be described
They hang from ropes,
Stand on stools
And are wet with calamity.
When I have you and you’re inside.
You will fall from the stool
You’ll be coming and be going.

Until my mercy shields
They we go back to our creaking bed.

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