My funny story… So nice and true

I don’t see any wrong in what I did
No matter what you think,
You should hear my side .
“No one can take me away from Bosede , except maybe Jesus Christ” he bragged
I laughed and scoffed
I asked for reaffirmation
But he didn’t seem to take it in

I don’t see any wrong I did
I don’t believe in Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus from anywhere
If my stones failed me once, I might
As I learned forward, the only limitation is ignorance
Bosede will be mine and mine alone
Even in death and blood

So I consulted and saw
That by mere muscle flex of my hands
His neck could snap
And the only thing to take him is death

I felt pity
And questioned his ignorance
Whoever trained him did wrong
He insisted and bragged more
I’ve never seen such a swaggering puppy
With neitherlifeline
Nor noble ancestors

I walked off him
And by night, I did what I did
My only regret is his mother’s endless wails
Never shutting from the burst of wind
Travelling far
Bearing gossips and pity .
Bosede will be mine
I’ll take her this evening

I don’t see any wrong In what I did
Don’t cry cows and elephants without a chicken in hand
It might hurt blood to do as you please
But sorrow doesn’t depart from the part of man
It only replenishs itself in different forms
I know this because she was mine in blood
To open herself to filth isn’t my curse
Afterall, your first trial Should be with the one who stays


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