Nothing and empty

Yet you say I am one
I haven’t found myself.
Yet I live alone in my corner
Did anyone take over my soul
Are you lost, warrior?
All things have gone strange
My old friends think I’m mad
What is the value in chittim
What is knowledge unfolded
When suprises come, I fear myself.
Just like I hear it, I also have doubts
Who am I?
I am dual, two and one
I am alone yet with a lifetime companion
I am old and young, saint and witch, sluttry and free.
I am ignorant of worlds.
Should it be I am lost
I probably switched places with
Maybe a bull or a chicken
This happiness should last long
And when day breaks, I get back my self awareness.

When my sleepy eyes bug .
And I see what I see
Do not question my disappearance
I found subsequential peace unfolding
And my restless buds know no bounds
Hunger is a mortal element
And hanging off a rope is just another experience

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