I’m caught in a middle, a knot forming,

tangled in thoughts, only when that vessel

is filled, seeking a tap. perhaps its elements

can soothe or is enough to leave something,

anything – soot, I wonder


& wander.


here I am, embers fanned,

cackling, a form of matter

ready to birth a feeling, filling for flights.


and there’s that, another matter,

with intentions to bury

this child before it’s even born.


I wish for a plain plane,

one that gravity doesn’t defies and

that projectile becomes a success,

without a hindrance to its trajectory.


well, reality defies that.


embers will exist, to be fanned

& alive will also be elements to make them die,


or at least try.


but in the end,

it’s always me giving life

to either those black or white.




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