Pour liberation unto the earth
Let the soil be wet and moist
You’ve found out the use of your palm oil.
Tell me, why should I stay
I am a visitor and my home has friends
My gratitude for your long bearings
As I just came to see what
Taye bragged about, dragging along kehinde .
My only friends, I just came for a visit
What more crime did I commit.

Your soul is bad and your yam tastes bitter
All creatures turn on one another
Tell me, why should I stay
Upward, upward is my home
Yet you bound me and cry sorrow over me
Do you know I feel just as used

And those scars from my previous coming
Stretched streached my belly, face and forehead.
What crime did I commit
We give and take
We come and leave
Nothing stays forever.

And the children you call to me
Giving alms to make me stay
Bribing me with the giggles and delight of innocent souls
Making me wanted.
I just came for a visit, why won’t you let me be.
And when I come, I see sags and stretches
From old breasts tired and frail
With sad eyes and a praying mouth
Kind ones to make me stay.
I will.
You gave me a name to know me
When I go and come again,
I will stay even longer.

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