My name is Janet and I’m 16. I just turned sixteen recently. See, I’m not here to talk about that. I’m tired okay! Very tired. Tired of my baby cousin. I don’t know how that little creature could cause so many havoc. She’s Circe, I know they call her baby Circe but that doesn’t matter! She’s evil and I know it. But my parents do not. How could someone possibly return from the States after nine months just to meet one little devil stealing all the attention?
See, I’ll narrate how it all happened. I am the only child of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. And for about 16 years now, I’ve always been the center of attention. Trust me I enjoy all that love and care, I really do. I’ve been used to that all my life. Especially when your Dad is a billionaire. So we live in Nigeria, Banana Island to be precise. So, here’s the issue, I went to the United States for a 9 month vacation, and I’m back. Back home, back to my lovely family. However, since my arrival, things have changed! And I mean a lot. My baby cousin is staying with us, which is strange, believe me! I think my Uncle Mike is not capable of raising a child. With the six children he has, he still has the effrontery to give birth to the seventh! And of course the seventh is staying with us for about a month! Can you believe that! It seems he has a divorce issues going on and he won’t be able to care for this new born. The baby is actually cute! But I couldn’t care less. I’m s sixteen.
This baby issue wasn’t really a bother until I started to get uncomfortable. First, my parents love this girl! They love her like! As I said earlier, I couldn’t care less. But, recently I’ve not been receiving attentions like before. I mean, I know how my parents love me but Duuh! It isn’t like before. They’re always with the baby and I don’t like it! It’s creepy! I used to receive all the attention but now, it’s all on the baby. Sixteen year olds who are billionaires(soon to be) like me do not get giddy for an imp called a baby, I simply do not have the time. But it’s strange to see them always in the room with this baby, I mean imp. I’ll call it an imp. My dad doesn’t go to work anymore (only on Saturdays) and my simply took a break from her fashion line just because of this baby, I mean imp. They play with the baby all day! All day! Even when Sweet-Sixteen Janet wants to play, they simply do not have the time. When I confronted them, they told me that they want the ‘best for the child’. How disgusting!
I couldn’t care less. I mean, not until I noticed that this child has a sort of bewitching power. I mean, she stole all the attention, I didn’t complain. Now it’s affecting all aspects of my life. Just imagine, I was carrying this baby all afternoon. We were in my room. The only time I dropped her beside me was when I took some of my nudes and sent it to Jerry. Don’t ask me why, he’s my boyfriend and love is supposed to be blind. I shouldn’t have done it in front of the kid anyway, but I did. The girl is strange. She didn’t cry, she just stared at me. After putting on my clothes, I made a scary face just at her to warn her to keep my secret. So I carried her and suddenly she vomited. The kid vomited! It was all on my face (mouth especially) and clothes so I had to clean up. On entering the bathroom, the kid started to cry. I mean violently until my mum came and picked her up. On carrying her, my mom saw my unlocked phone and all I sent to Jerry. Well, the rest is history. Thanks to that imp, my Dad knows and my phone has been seized and my bank accounts has been freezed. Ever since I’ve been eyeing that kid.
Apart from losing all attention to myself, it seems I’m on an exile. My parents do not look after me, it’s always about that imp! I know for sure the kid has bewitched them. You know, Sweet-Sixteen Janet cannot drive so I sent for my dad’s chauffeur. And guess what, my had Dad dismissed all employees for the next three months. Including the maid. So I’ll be the one cooking and cleaning. It was one thing to lose my parents attention, another to lose my boyfriend and all my money just because of this baby. It’s another to become the maid, the chauffeur and the P.A for the next three months. Now, I’m starting to care more. Funny enough, the kid has bewitched my parents so much that we held a naming ceremony for this kid and my uncle wasn’t around. My parents were the celebrants that day. It was strange! I named the kid ‘Circe’ and it stuck. My parents were delighted.
For reals, I’m starting to get disturbed, seriously this time. The other day, I caught my mum breastfeeding this kid. Another person’s kid! Since then I knew I’ve entered a serious warfare. I wouldn’t have been hurt until this imp ruined my party which I held at my parents absence. My parents were to attend a conference for about two weeks which they did. So they forgot the kid at home with me, for about three days. So I used that avenue to hold a party at our home. To say the truth, I took care of the baby. She is too cute to be starved. Back to my story, we were all enjoying the party when my parents (who were in New York) returned during my party. It was a disaster. I actually pity Jerry, he was humiliated at the party. As I speak to you now, I’m grounded for the next six months. You see why I care more? I lost my parent’s attention, my phone, friends and money to this kid. I’ve lost everything.
So I’ve decided to mail this baby away, far away. As I speak to you now, I liaised with the Banana Island mail man to mail the baby away to Abidjan, as long as he feeds the baby and allows her to breathe and of course, gives me a call when he’s done, I’m alright. Now, I couldn’t care less. My parents has been worried for the past three days. All I could do was just pretend. As I said I couldn’t care less about that imp. I’m free! Now I can get all my things back. The mail man just called me five minutes ago to conclude our successful transaction. The baby is fine with his grandparents.
I’ve been rejoicing ever since that imp left. It’s been four days now since the baby left. But my parents are disturbed and have not tasted anything. Sweet sixteen Janet could not care less. I was secretly enjoying my cupcakes when Mum came and told me, “Janet, I’m sorry about all that has happened. We didn’t want you to get angry. We should have told you this earlier. Circe is your biological sister.” I fainted.

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