You’ve been sitting down

All alone by yourself here

Someone asked me

Why is that so??

Why don’t you join them

To take pictures for the record

I found the question

Easy as ABC

Pictures were just for formality

And records for the main time

In which its not a must

Whether I feature or not

When I tried reading the lines

So as to function in the action

Some simply said I was hmmm

Not photogenic or picturegenic

So I ruin their picture

Cuz of old, outdated display I made

Whether I be photogenic or not

I am a person, a human

That should not be judged

Or treated with restrictions

As to functioning in the action

Of what is temporary&might not last

For ages or many years to come

While I can live and make impact

That is permanent and can last

For ages and many years to come

While I can make blueprints

On the heart of generations

And put smiles on their faces

While they function in the action

And not ruin their picture

But instead brighten it up

With freshness and confidence

What picture life is taking of you

Is not based on whether you are

Photogenic or not

Or maybe picturegenic

It depends on how well

You function in the action

Which will be on life’s faces

Not minding whether you are called

Photogenic or picturegenic

A failure or success

Its how well you show to your world

Be it smiles forever

Or sorrow on faces forever

Remember as you pose

Na so you go show

Pose well and show well.

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