A small girl with a big God

They say it’s weird

A girl endowed with abilities

They call it absurd

A girl showered with love

They call it ‘I too know’

A girl with different personality

They call it irritating

A girl full of smiles

They call it stupidity

A girl with great skills

They call it low mentality

A girl with no friends

They call it loneliness

A girl with many lovers

They call it familiarity

A girl in love with books

They call it addiction

A girl with solution everywhere

They call it impatience

A girl that escapes all problems

They call it fugitive

But I am who I am

Not what They say about me

I am who I can be

Not what people say I can be

I am the best of my kind

I am special

I am unique

I make no apologies

I am not sorry for me

I am not scared to be seen

This is me

I am brave

I am strong

I am courageous

I am proof

I am a testimony

I am a sign and wonder

I am excellent

I am who I am meant to be

This is me.

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