Caught between light and darkness Choosing her path was her only weakness   Torn between water and fire She chose to keep her heart desire   Loving him was a source of relief But running away from him was her only release   Love is a prison that’s what they say But deep down […]

Thoughts through thorns

All is fair in love, and war, I’ve heard. I never knew war lived in love too. These days, I’m beginning to doubt. Since when did those promises grow wings? Those feelings, that fire, why doesn’t it burn anymore? Perhaps it’s just me or my heart that just can’t see. Pour me your water, I’ll […]

My Love

My love of all ages Hearthrob despite aches Awesome in all ways Most beautiful of all pretties Angels cannot stand the beauty His voice resounds than bells I see him in me and everywhere He cannot be compared to gods My love for you cannot be bought By silver, diamond or gold You are far […]


With a melted heart, A dissolved and undiluted spirit, I declare my heartfelt desire, As a result of my admire, Waiting for it to be triggered, All in the hands of her Lord, As he hovered and hovered, With trust and hope in love, Oh what a divine knot, Making our hearts burning hot, Under […]