FabReads Digest with Law – 045 (Sources of Nigerian Law)

Nigerian land law has five main sources which are the Nigerian Constitution, the Customary Law, Received English Law, Judicial Precedent and The Land Use Act 1978. THE NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION OF 1999: S44 of the CFRN of 1999(as amended) provides that every person is entitled to hold properties in any part of Nigeria and that no such […]

FabReads Digest with Physiological Sciences – 001 – Immunity and Immunodeficiency Disease

Immunity and Immunodeficiency Disease This explains in details how group of cells, molecules and organs resist almost all forms of invasion by organisms, tumour cells and foreign substances. • Immune  system consists  of group of cells, molecules  and  organs that  collectively defend the  body against  invasion  by organisms, tumour cells  and  foreign substances. • The […]