FabReads Digest with Chemistry – 005 (Bronsted Lowry Theory)

In 1923, Bronsted and Lowry independently defined acid as Proton donor and bases as proton acceptor. For aqueous solution,this definition does not differ. From the Arrhenius theory; such substances that increases the concentration of hydroxonium ion in aqueous solution are acids and those that decreases it are bases. The Bronsted lowry theory is useful in […]

FabReads Digest with Chemistry – 004 (Polarization Power and Polarizability)

This rule was formulated by Kazimierz Fajan in 1923 and it is used in predicting whether a chemical bond is expected to be predominantly ionic or covalent. This depends on the relative charges and sizes of the cations and anions. If two oppositely charged ion are brought together,the nature of bond between them depends upon […]

FabReads Digest with Chemistry #003

Heisenberg postulated that it is impossible to determine the position and velocity of a particle at the same time with certainty. Studies using the bohr’s model of an atom requires detailed and precise information of an electron and its velocity. I.e the shapes of orbitals reflect the concentration of electric charges within the lobes. Electrons […]