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The Internet is a wide space for everyone. People want to read your amazing works! That is why we’ve provided this space (FabReads Blog) to serve as a home for writers, journalists and even experts. FabReads Blog is very simple to use, it connects you with keen, curious readers to enable you put your best work out there.

How it works

That which you have in mind, be it serious or funny, however long or short, share it! They are your thoughts and it is the quality in your perspective that matters, that is what counts!

Create your FabReads Account by applying to become an author using the link down below. However, if you already have an account, do send us a mail at using your registered email address stating your request to become an author.

Upon successful registration and application, logon to your WP Dashboard (Yes! A WordPress dashboard) where you will be able to create new posts, edit your posts and submit them for publication. To navigate to your WordPress dashboard, you have to go to click on the menu button and select “Account”. There, you will see “My Dashboard”. Open your dashboard and check for “Posts”, select “Add New” and begin editing.

Alternatively, you can directly go to the “create a new post” page by simply clicking on the “Create a New Post” button on the Menu in the Account section. Cheers

Your Ideas, Writings, Thoughts, Works et cetera et cetera… They are quality! Share the links to your posts to your friends and family to read and drop their comments for you to get better or even encourage you. Cheers.

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Your Ideas, Writings, Thoughts

It is Quality and we love it!

Your works to be published on FabReads Blog should enable thinking that educates, inspires, and moves understanding forward as the motto of FabReads states “Knowledge at your Fingertips”,

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Own your Work! - Do ensure all of your writing including Images must be yours or at the very least must be used with permission and/or citation.
Your works should foster thinking that educates, inspires, and moves understanding forward.
Ensure you summit your very best (best analysis, reporting, essays, and ideas - and avoiding listicles or fluff pieces) for publishing so as to make the reader relate with you properly.

Publish that Work of yours.