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We wish you a very warm welcome to Our Website! We are at the heart of the OAU community and in 2017, we succeeded in providing lecture notes for 100 Level OAU Law undergraduates where we make sure an excellent education is delivered asides the lecture room experience. FabReads is your one stop shop to everything needed for your academic goal(s) in Obafemi Awolowo University. FabReads is created for the sole purpose of assistance and academic excellence for students and researchers alike. FabReads consists of lecture notes, handouts, materials from lecturers, etc. Materials from FabReads have been complied in a way that locating a particular material and reading is simplified.
FabReads is devoted to excellence in learning and research, and to developing future leaders in many disciplines. This we do by providing lecture notes, materials and even FabReads Digest for various courses Before the usage of FabReads.com (as a domain), we started. with Ifeatheanaeum.farbiesblog.com, that was in 2017. In 2018, we got our domain with the .org extension. Today, we have two extension affixed to our very own website developed by Mr Faby which is the .com extension and .org extension. This has been a great experience.
Our Tutors are persons of great integrity and virtue. Thus far, they have been amazing in providing the necessaries. Below in this page is the list of our tutors.